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Via some other European language, ultimately from Late Latin ethica, from Ancient Greek ἠθική (ēthikḗ), from ἠθικός (ēthikós, of or for morals, moral, expressing character), from ἦθος (êthos, character, moral nature).


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ētika f (4th declension)

  1. ethics (philosophical discipline that studies morality and the concepts of right and wrong)
    normatīvā ētika — normative ethics
    marksistiskā ētika — Marxist ethics
    materiālistiskā ētika — materialistic ethics
    ideālistiskā ētika — idealistic ethics
  2. ethics (a specific system of standard for an individual's conduct, especially a member of a profession)
    darba ētika — work ethics
    sporta ētika — sports ethics


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