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Ancient GreekEdit

Alternative formsEdit


From σύν (sún, with, together) and ἄγω (ágō, lead, guide)



συνάγω (sunagō)

  1. (of persons, animals, etc.) to bring together, gather together
    1. to bring together for deliberation or festivity
    2. (in a hostile sense) to join battle
      1. to match two warriors against one another
      2. to collect or levy soldiers
    3. to bring together, join in one, unite
    4. to bring together, make friends of, reconcile
    5. to collect oneself
    6. to lead with one, receive
      • 300 BCE – 200 BCE, Septuagint, 1 Kings 11.27, (Compare 19 15)
      • New Testament, Matthew 25.35
  2. (of things) gather together
      1. (of a historical writer) summarize
    1. to draw together, so as to make the extremities meet
      1. to draw together, narrow, contract
      2. (figuratively)
    2. to collect or club things for a picnic
      • Diphil., The Painter 2.28
    3. to collect from premises, i.e. to conclude, infer, draw an inference
    4. (passive) to be carried along with
    5. to bring about


Derived termsEdit