двое (dvóje)

  1. two (in a group together), two of them
    двое детей (detej) — two children
    двое часов (časov) — two watches
    двое очков (očkov) — two pairs of glasses
    двое из нас — two of us
    нас было двое — there were two of us

Usage notesEdit

The nominative of a collective numeral governs the genitive plural of the noun, pronoun, or adjective. The other cases agree with that of the noun, pronoun, or adjective. Not used with feminine nouns. Used mostly when speaking of children and with a few nouns that are used in the plural only, such as часы, очки, or with pronouns.


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  • оба (oba)
  • трое (troje)
  • четверо (četvero)
  • пятеро (pjatero)
  • шестеро (šestero)
  • семеро (semero)
  • восьмеро (vosʹmero)
  • десятеро (desjatero)
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