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־ית (-ítf (plural ־יות)

  1. For masculine singular adjectives in ־י (), replacing that ending to produce feminine singular forms.
    בעיתי ‎→ בעיתית (ba'ayatít, problematic)
    צרפתי ‎→ צרפתית (tsarfatít, French)
  2. Appended to certain masculine nouns denoting men, forming feminine counterparts denoting women.
    מלצר ‎→ מלצרית (miltsarít, waitress)
  3. Appended to certain masculine nouns denoting large items, forming feminine counterparts denoting corresponding small items.
    שק (big bag) ‎→ שקית (sakít, small bag)
  4. Forming proper nouns denoting languages (identical to feminine singular adjectives).
    צרפתית (tsarfatít, French)
  5. Forming female given names; especially, appended to male given names to form female counterparts.
    דור ‎→ דורית (dorít, Dorit)

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