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خ ل د (ḵ-l-d)?


خَلَدَ (xálada) (perfect, Verb form I)

  1. to last forever, to be everlasting
  2. to be immortal
  3. to abide forever
  4. to remain, to stay
  5. to rest

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خَلَّدَ (xállada) (perfect, Verb form II)

  1. to make eternal, to make everlasting
  2. to perpetuate, to make immortal
  3. to make ineffaceable, to make unforgettable
  4. to remain, to stay, to abide, to linger
  5. to grow very old, to enjoy a long life, to be long-lived

This verb needs an inflection-table template.


خُلْد (xuldm

  1. infinite duration, endless time, perpetuity, eternity
  2. (zoology) mole

خَلَد (xáladm, plural أخلاد (ʾaxlād)‎

  1. mind, heart, spirit, temper

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