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From Middle Persian nʾw (nāw, ship), from Proto-Iranian (compare Ossetian нау (naw) / науӕ (nawæ)), from Proto-Indo-Iranian *nāu- (ship, boat) (compare Sanskrit नाव (nāva, ship)), from Proto-Indo-European *néh₂us (boat) (compare Ancient Greek ναῦς (naûs, ship), Latin nāvis (ship), Albanian anije (ship)).



ناو (nâv) (plural ناوها)

Dari ناو
Iranian Persian ناو
Tajik нов (nov)
  1. (archaic) boat, small ship
  2. warship; cruiser
  3. anything long and hollow
  4. pipe
  5. gutter, drainpipe, water pipe, downpipe
  6. a river, stream; channel, canal, aqueduct; river basin
  7. a cistern; tankage
  8. trough; feeder
  9. the sluice of a mill-dam
  10. the furrow or groove down the middle of a man's back or the loins of a horse; also in a grain of wheat and a date-stone
  11. gluteal cleft
  12. the passage through which the meal or flour runs when grinding
  13. a hole
  14. a crack, chink
  15. a baker's rolling-pin
  16. a frying pan
  17. a cauldron, kettle, pot
  18. an easy, graceful air in walking

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