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Kanji in this term
Grade: 2


(o-, honorific prefix) +‎ (cha, tea)

Alternative formsEdit


お茶 (hiragana おちゃ, romaji ocha)

  1. tea, usually green tea
    Ocha wa ikaga desuka.
    How about some tea? (Would you like some tea?)
  2. tea ceremony
  3. snack with tea or coffee
  4. the act of having tea

Usage notesEdit

  • Using お茶 is considered neutral, while the bare is markedly impolite to refer to tea. Prefix (o-) was originally honorific, is now part of the word in modern Japanese.


お茶 + する (intransitive, hiragana おちゃする, romaji ocha suru)

  1. (colloquial) go out for tea

Related termsEdit

Usage notesEdit

お茶 generally refers to a cup of hot green tea. In general, black tea is referred to as 紅茶 (kōcha), though it can be implicitly included within the term お茶, which literally just means "tea."

The honorific (o-) in お茶 is normally written in hiragana, though you will see it from time to time in more formal or official writing as (as in ). Also, お茶 is one of the unusual cases of the honorific お(御) that can be used to refer to anyone, including the speaker. See the usage note at 御-.

茶する without the honorific お is rarely used.