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three; 3 metal; money; gold
a slice; piece; flake; thin; slice; disc; sheet
simp. and trad.




  1. A sugar-coated tablet used in traditional Chinese medicine "to remove toxic heat, to dispel damp and relieve dysuria, and to tonify the kidney in the treatment of damp-heat in lower energizer marked by heat scanty dark urine, dysuria with difficult painful urination, acute or chronic pyelitis and urinary tract infection due to kidney-deficiency and downward flow of damp-heat".

Sanjin tablets have the following herbal ingredients:

Name Chinese (S)
Radix Rosae Laevigatae 金櫻根
Rhizoma Smilacis Chinensis 菝契
Radix Melastomae Normalis 大金香炉
Herba Lygodii 海金沙
Herba Centellae 积雪草


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