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Grade: 2 Grade: 2


Compound of (maru, circle; round) +‎ (ta, fat, here possibly emphasizing the roundness).



丸太 (hiragana まるた, romaji maruta) (alternative reading hiragana まろた, romaji marota) (less common)

  1. a log: unsawn lumber (UK) or timber (US), a section of a tree cut to a length and with the bark removed, but otherwise round and unfinished
  2. alternate name for the 似鯉 (にごい, ​nigoi) fish (Hemibarbus barbus); more commonly known as ニゴイ (​nigoi)
  3. alternate name for the or 石斑魚 (うぐい, ​ugui) fish, Japanese dace (Tribolodon hakonensis); more commonly known as ウグイ (​ugui)
  4. (archaic, slang): during the Edo period, derogatory term for an unlicensed prostitute dressed as a Buddhist nun as a form of disguise from the authorities (from the way the shaven head looks a bit like a debarked log, and from the way that they both roll around)

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