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man; person; people
and; as well as; but (not); yet (not); (shows causal relation); (shows change of state); (shows contrast)
-less; not to have; no; none; not; to lack; un-
letter; true; to believe; sign; evidence
(negative prefix); not; no to know; to be aware
his; her; its; theirs; that; such; it (refers to sth preceding it)
can; may; able to; certain(ly); to suit; (particle used for emphasis)
trad. (人而無信,不知其可)
simp. (人而无信,不知其可)


A quote from the Analects of Confucius.

Literally: If a man has no honesty, it cannot be known what he can be suitable for.


人而無信不知其可 (traditional, Pinyin rén ér wú xìn, bù zhī qí kě, simplified 人而无信,不知其可)

  1. A man without honesty is capable of nothing.

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