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eight; 8 taste
clear; distinct; complete; pure
heart; mind Agarwood
adjourn; scatter; leisurely; loosen; powdered medicine; to scatter; to come loose
simp. and trad.




  1. A pale brownish-red powder used in traditional Mongolian medicine to "remove heat from the heart and lungs, to regulate the flow of qi, and to induce sedation, when there is exuberant fire in the heart and lungs, indicated by distress in the chest, costal and hypochondriac stuffiness/pain, cardiac palpitation and shortness of breath".

The herbal formulation of Bawei Qingxin Chenxiang powder is:

Name Chinese (S) Grams
Lignum Aquilariae Resinatum 沉香 180
Fructus Choerospondiatis 广枣 180
Lignum Santali Albi 檀香 90
Lignum Pterocarpi Santalini 紫檀香 90
Flos Carthami 红花 90
Semen Myristicae 肉豆蔻 60
Concretio Silicea Bambusae 竹黄 60
Radix Glehniae 北沙参 60


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