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(At least one of the forms in the hanzi box is uncreated. Detected: "參茸保胎丸".)




  1. A dark brown pill used in traditional Chinese medicine "to nourish the liver and kidney, replenish blood, and prevent miscarriage in the treatment of deficiency of the liver and kidney, deficiency of yin and blood, weakness and aching of loins and knees, distension and a drooping sensation in the lower abdomen, vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, or threatened abortion".

Shenrong Baotai pills have the following herbal ingredients:

Name Chinese (S) Grams
Radix Codonopsis 党参 66
Arillus Longan 龙眼肉 20
Semen Cuscutae (processed with salt water) 大豆菟丝子 (盐水制) 33
Rhizoma Cyperi (processed with vinegar) 香附 (醋制) 41
Poria 茯苓 58
Rhizoma Dioscoreae 山药 50
Folium Artemisiae Argyi (processed with vinegar) 艾叶 (醋制) 41
Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae (stir-baked) 白术 (炒) 50
Radix Scutellariae 黄芩 66
Radix Rehmanniae Preparata 熟地黄 41
Radix Paeoniae Alba 白芍 41
Colla Corii Asini 阿胶 41
Radix Glycyrrhizae Preparata 炙甘草 28
Radix Angelicae Sinensis 当归 50
Herba Taxilli 桑寄生 41
Rhizoma Chuanxiong (processed with wine) 川芎 (酒制) 41
Rhizoma et Radix Notopterygii 羌活 20
Radix Dipsaci 续断 41
Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum 鹿茸 20
Cortex Eucommiae 杜仲 58
Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae 川贝母 20
Fructus Amomi 砂仁 33
Exocarpium Citri Grandis 化橘红 41


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