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Alternative formsEdit


株式 (stock) +‎ 会社 (corporation)


株式会社 (hiragana かぶしきかいしゃ, romaji kabushiki kaisha)
株式会社 (hiragana かぶしきがいしゃ, romaji kabushiki gaisha)

  1. a type of corporation under Japanese law, analogous to an American business corporation or British public limited company

Usage notesEdit

See: Wikipedia usage notes

The rendaku reading kabushiki gaisha is more commonly used in Japanese, while the non-rendaku reading kabushiki kaisha is more commonly used for company names and in English-language legal literature.

It can be used both as a prefix or as a suffix.

It is often abbreviated as , its first character; roughly, inc.; in romanization, it may be abbreviated as K.K.

Derived termsEdit