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Compound of 源五郎 (Gengorō, male given name) +‎ (funa, crucian carp). The funa changes to buna due to rendaku (連濁).

According to one theory, the Gengorō portion was the name of a fisherman who fished in Lake Biwa, and every morning, presented the best of his catch of funa to the local lord. In another theory, this term arose from a tale about a Lake Biwa fisherman named Gengorō, who fell in love with a noblewoman and arranged a secret meeting with her by hiding a note inside a gengorōbuna fish that he had caught and presented to her.

Like many biology terms, this word is often spelled in katakana, as ゲンゴロウブナ.


  • Mixed:
  • IPA(key): [ɡẽ̞ɴɡo̞ɺ̠o̞ːbɯᵝna̠], [ŋẽ̞ɴŋo̞ɺ̠o̞ːbɯᵝna̠]


源五郎鮒 (hiragana げんごろうぶな, katakana ゲンゴロウブナ, romaji gengorōbuna)

  1. Carassius cuvieri: the Japanese crucian carp or white carp, a type of (funa, crucian carp), an edible freshwater ray-finned fish related to carp and goldfish and endemic to Lake Biwa in Japan

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