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From a line in Magnolia Flowers (木兰花), an ode composed by Song Dynasty poet Zhang Xian (张先):

Whenever the flowers are in bloom and the moon is full, sad thoughts enter our minds. After the flowers are no longer in bloom and the moon is no longer full, the people begin to disperse. The festive atmosphere departs for the distant cloudy skies, and we are cut off from the past as if from a hazy dream that we cannot recall. The vibrant spring colors of the grass and trees succumb to the chaotic red shadows of fall. As they begin to chirp, the chickens' songs become melancholy. We wish we could make the long days of spring longer. When we will be able to look up and once again gaze at the full moon?


花好月圆 (simplified, Pinyin huā hǎo yuè yuán, traditional 花好月圓)

  1. blooming flowers and full moon; perfect conjugal bliss