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metal; money; gold
hard; firm; strong; just; barely; exactly
trad. (金剛)
simp. (金刚)




  1. diamond
  2. (figuratively) an object that is extremely hard and strong
  3. (Buddhism) vajra


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  1. King Kong (a fictional giant ape)


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From Sanskrit वज्र (vajra)

From (kon, mineral/material) + (, hard, tough, rigid &/or strong)



金剛 (hiragana こんごう, romaji kongō) "unyielding," "unwavering" or "adamant;" lit. "the hard or mighty one"

  1. Buddhist term of Vajra, literally meaning both "Diamond" & "Thunderbolt," referring to the symbolic nature of both that of a diamond, (in that it can cut any substance, but can not, itself, be cut,) and that of the thunderbolt, (an irresistible force)
  2. Term referring both to the firmness of one's own spirit, and to the strength of one's own spiritual power
  3. A material object and 'device', a Buddhist ceremonial mace and symbol, a ritual tool and spiritual implement, believed to represent firmness of spirit and spiritual power; and also used as a short metal weapon, (originally a kind of fist-iron,) like a Japanese yawara, (which was actually inspired from this ritual item, vajra/kongō,) either one or two small, thick sticks which stick out about an inch from each side of the hand--usually used in pairs to initiate throws, bone breaks, and pressure point strikes
  4. (figuratively) Something extremely hard, of extreme metaphorical, metaphysical or immaterial strength
  5. (literally) Something extremely hard, of extreme literal, physical or material strength
  6. Short for 金剛石; (the actual mineral/gemstone of diamond).

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