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(At least one of the forms in the hanzi box is uncreated. Detected: "黃氏響聲丸".)




  1. A sugar-coated or charcoal-coated pill used in traditional Chinese medicine "to dispel wind and remove heat, to resolve phlegm and disperse accumulation of pathogens, in the treatment of acute and chronic laryngitis, wind-heat evil constricting the body, exuberance of internal phlegm-heat, hoarseness of voice, painful swelling of the throat, flaming-heat and dryness of the throat with phlegm, or headache due to cold or heat, or constipation and dark urine, acute or chronic laryngitis and vocal nodules, or polyps of the vocal cords".

Huangshi Xiangsheng pills have the following herbal ingredients:

Name Chinese (S)
Herba Menthae 薄荷
Bulbus Fritillariae Thunbergii 浙贝母
Fructus Forsythiae 连翘
Periostracum Cicadae 蝉蜕
Semen Sterculiae Lychnophorae 胖大海
Radix et Rhizoma Rhei (stir-baked with wine) 大黄 (酒炒)
Rhizoma Chuanxiong 川芎
Catechu 儿茶
Radix Platycodonis 桔梗
Fructus Chebulae (cored) 诃子 (去核)
Radix Glycyrrhizae 甘草
Mentholum 薄荷脑


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