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See also: φόρος


Alternative formsEdit

-φόρο (-fóro)


-φόρος (-fóros)  

  1. used to form a noun for something or someone that, actually or figuratively, carries what the attached word expresses
    άχθος ("burden")   x   αχθοφόρος ("porter")
    πετρέλαιο ("petrol")   x   πετρελαιοφόρο ("petrol or oil tanker")
  2. used to form an adjective which indicates the actual or figurative carrying of what the attached word expresses
    κέρατο ("horn")   x   κερασφόρος ("horned")
    θάνατος ("death")   x   θανατηφόρος ("lethal")

Derived termsEdit

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