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The first element is either Scottish Gaelic aber (river mouth) or Pictish aber (confluence). The second element is Don (river in Scotland) (the site of Old Aberdeen). Written Aberdon circa 1187 and Aberden circa 1214.


  • (US) IPA(key): /ˌæb.ɚˈdin/, /ˈæb.ɚˌdin/

Proper nounEdit


  1. A port city in Scotland, on the North Sea.
  2. A county in northeastern Scotland.
  3. A CDP in Florida
  4. A village in the State of Georgia
  5. A city in Idaho
  6. A CDP in Porter County, Indiana
  7. A city in eastern Maryland, home of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds.
  8. A city in Mississippi
  9. A town in New South Wales
  10. A town in North Carolina
  11. A community in Nova Scotia
  12. A village in Ohio
  13. A community in Ontario
  14. A town in Saskatchewan
  15. A town in Eastern Cape, South Africa
  16. A city in northeastern South Dakota.
  17. A city in Washington

Usage notesEdit

  • Definitions 7 and 16 use the US pronunciation.



Aberdeen (plural Aberdeens)

  1. (usually capitalized) A wide evenly curved fishhook.[1]
  2. (usually capitalized) Alternative form of Aberdeen terrier


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Aberdeen f

  1. Aberdeen

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