Appendix:Finnish conjugation/rohkaista

KOTUS type 66 (rohkaista) NSK types 24 (nuolaista) and 41 (kihistä) Common type II

Verbs ending with -sta/-stä; inverse consonant gradation possible.

The stem is obtained by removing the -ta/-tä. Present personal endings are attached by -e-.


ends with -sta
ends with -stä

Consonant gradationEdit


grade v → p ng → nk
infinitive I weak vavista rangaista present strong vapisen rankaisen past strong vapisi rankaisi conditional strong vapisisi rankaisisi potential weak vavissee rangaissee imperative weak vaviskoon rangaiskoon
past participle weak vavissut rangaissut
passive past weak vavistiin rangaistiin

Complete conjugation example with consonant gradation (v → p)Edit

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