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Appendix:Finnish nominal inflection/tuhat

KOTUS type 46 (tuhat) NSK type 76 (tuhat)

The word tuhat only, and its compound words; consonant gradation in the inflectional stem.

Declension is the same as kahdeksas, except for the ending of the nominative, and a rare genitive plural.

The final -t of the nominative is replaced by -nte- in the inflectional stem; this is subject to ntnn consonant gradation, and becomes -ns- before the plural marker -i-.

Partitive singular ending -tta/-ttä, replacing the -t, partitive plural ending -a/ and standard genitive plural ending -en.


Consonant gradation detailEdit


grade nt → nn
nominative tuhat
genitive weak tuhannen
partitive tuhatta
elative weak tuhannesta
illative strong tuhanteen

Complete declension example highlighting consonant gradation (nt → nn)Edit