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This Proto-Kartvelian entry contains reconstructed words and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.



Probably borrowed from Proto-Armenian[1][2][3][4] *ɣʷeinyo- (whence Old Armenian գինի (gini)), from Proto-Indo-European *we/oi(H)nyo-. As noted by Martirosyan, the sound change Proto-Indo-European *w > Proto-Armenian *ɣʷ > Proto-Kartvelian *ɣw is impeccable[1] and is also observed in Proto-Indo-European *wi(H)- > Proto-Armenian *ɣʷi- (> Old Armenian գի (gi, juniper)) > Proto-Kartvelian *ɣwi- > Georgian ღვია (ḡvia, juniper).

Klimov 1998, who agrees with the ultimate Proto-Indo-European origin of the word, denies derivation from Old Armenian գինի (gini), citing Diakonoff: "It cannot go back to Armenian gini because the change * > g probably must have been accomplished there long before the first Kartvelian-Armenian contacts in the 7th–6th centuries B.C.".

According to Fähnrich, not borrowed from Indo-European but a native South Caucasian word derived from the verbal root *ɣun- (to bend).

The ending of Svan ღვინ-ელ (ḡvin-el), ღვინ-ა̈ლ (ḡvin-äl) represents a petrified diminutive affix.



  1. wine



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