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This entry contains Proto-Kartvelian reconstructed words and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.



Probably borrowed from Proto-Armenian[1][2][3][4] *ɣʷeinyo- (whence Old Armenian գինի (gini)), from Proto-Indo-European *we/oi(H)nyo-. As noted by Martirosyan, the sound change Proto-Indo-European *w > Proto-Armenian *ɣʷ > Proto-Kartvelian *ɣw is impeccable[1] and is also observed in Proto-Indo-European *wi(H)- > Proto-Armenian *ɣʷi- (> Old Armenian գի (gi, juniper)) > Proto-Kartvelian *ɣwi- > Georgian ღვია (ḡvia, juniper).

Klimov 1998, who agrees with the ultimate Proto-Indo-European origin of the word, denies derivation from Old Armenian գինի (gini), citing Diakonoff: "It cannot go back to Armenian gini because the change * > g probably must have been accomplished there long before the first Kartvelian-Armenian contacts in the 7th–6th centuries B.C.".

According to Fähnrich, not borrowed from Indo-European but a native South Caucasian word derived from the verbal root *ɣun- (to bend).

The ending of Svan ღვინ-ელ (ḡvin-el), ღვინ-ა̈ლ (ḡvin-äl) represents a petrified diminutive affix.



  1. wine



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