B@Sternum-PalmDown-B@Chest-PalmDown B@Trunk-PalmDown-B@Abdomen-PalmDown

American Sign LanguageEdit

Alternative formsEdit

  • (shorter movement) B@Sternum-PalmDown-B@Chest-PalmDown B@Chest-PalmDown-B@Trunk-PalmDown
  • (one-handed) B@Sternum-PalmDown B@Trunk-PalmDown
  • (nondominant hand above dominant hand) B@Chest-PalmDown-B@Sternum-PalmDown B@Abdomen-PalmDown-B@Trunk-PalmDown


left-hand closed-B palm-right right-hand closed-B palm-left left-hand below from right-hand close to body in center of chest left hand moves down right hand moves down
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  1. relieved


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  1. to relieve; to calm


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  1. relief
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