English citations of adhæsive and [[adhæſive#English|adhæſive]]

Adjective: archaic spelling of adhesiveEdit

1807 1808
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  • 1807, J. W. Weaver in The London Medical and Physical Journal; Volume XVIII, page 536:
    The edges of the wound were retained by adhæsive plasters, and the cure was complete in about ten days.
  • 1808, John Redman Coxe, The Philadelphia Medical Museum, Volume IV., page xxiii:
    What, in my opinion, may have given the firſt riſe to this practice, muſt have been an attempt, by a great ruſh of ſome mild warm liquor, to diſſolve and diſlodge ſuch hard aloetic pills, or ſubſtances of an acrid, inſouluble, adhæſive quality ; which, by ſticking faſt to ſome part of an inteſtine, like ſhoemaker’s wax, may have cauſed violent painful gripings by the inflaming, fretting, and penetrating the part.
  • 1904, William Henry Battle and Edred Moss Corner, The Surgery of the Diseases of the Appendix Vermiformis and their Complications, Archibald Constable & Co.; Chapter II., pages 48–49:
    From the common position of the appendix these structures together form the greater part of the abscess wall, and are matted by an adhæsive peritonitis.
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