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English citations of allistic

Adjective: "(neologism) nonautistic"Edit

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  • 2011, Alicia Lile, "Autistics Speaking Day – Changing from shame to pride", Shift, 11 November 2011:
    [] I don’t know how many times I erased something good I wrote here and tried to diminish what I know is right, I changed from ‘being autistic is a good thing’ to ‘being autistic is not such a bad thing’, I changed so I could make allistic (non-autistic) people comfortable, []
  • 2012, Kaci Ferrell, "The Big Bang Theory season 6 episode 1 review: The Date Night Variable", Den of Geek, 28 September 2012:
    Seeing Sheldon navigate a relationship with an allistic (non-autistic) person has been a real treat for me.
  • 2013, Lenore Bell, "Trigger Warnings: Sex, Lies and Social Justice Utopia on Tumblr", Volume 6, Number 1, Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network:
    Due to confluence of identities, many participants take pains to list what privileges and "disprivileges" they possess. The Tumblr "Fractured Refuge" states that such a list provides accountability when talking about social justice issues:
    "I am white. I am allistic. (I am not autistic.) I am dyadically sexed. (I am not intersexed.) []
  • 2013, Corbett Joan O'Toole, "Disclosing Our Relationships to Disabilities: An Invitation for Disability Studies", Disability Studies Quarterly, Volume 33, Number 2 (endnote):
    As with the rest of the article, I am following the conventions of the disabled people I am discussing. Autistics prefer to be called "autistic" and perceive the term "people with autism" as an allistic (non-autistic) phrase.
  • 2013, Ianthe M. Belisle Dempsey, "Autism Acceptance Month (And Why Autism $peaks Should Stop Talking)", Indy (Bloomington–Normal, Illinois), Volume 12, Number 10, April 2013, page 1:
    The ASMC, like A$, aims mostly at helping to ease the “burden” autistic children and family members place on their allistic relatives and caretakers.
  • 2014, Stormy O'Brink, "People with disabilities are not broken", The Northern Iowan (University of Northern Iowa), 28 April 2014:
    For those who don’t know, Autism Speaks has an executive board and leadership made entirely of allistic people, or people who are not autistic.