Citations:ants in one's pants

English citations of have ants in one's pants

Verb (intransitive): To be agitated and fidgetyEdit

1844 1946 2004
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  • 2004 - Brian Nelson, The Kill (translated version of a 1871-2 work by Emile Zola, La Curée
    ‘That wretched Provençal! He can't sit still: he's got ants in his pants.’[1]
  • 1946Robert Penn Warren, All the King's Men
    A guy gets ants in his pants and writes a sonnet. Is the sonnet less of a good — if it is good, which I doubt — because the dame he got the ants over happened to be married to somebody else, so that his passion, as they say, was illicit?.[2]
  • 1844 - The Living Age p. 163
    The people have scarcely sat down to table than they feel ants in their pants and begin to dance, old and young alike.
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