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English citations of catvertising

Noun: "advertising that features a cat or cats"Edit

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  • 2011 — Erin Skarda, "Catvertising: An Ad Agency Trend We Wish Were Real", Time, 15 November 2011:
    The serious (and hilarious) video discusses how cat videos are becoming "an unbelievably effective new business tool," which John St. promises to capitalize on by creating the world’s first and only catvertising agency, complete with kitty video studio.
  • 2012 — Andrea Aster, "Angus Tucker makes advertising fun", Old Times, Winter/Spring 2012, page 17:
    The video purports to launch John St.'s new catvertising agency, the first in the world.
  • 2012 — Brenda Benedict, "Happily not addicted", The Star (Malaysia), 30 January 2012:
    Apparently "catvertising" is going to be the next big thing.
  • 2012 — Jeff Beer. "The Online Ad That Wasn't", Canadian Business, 10 December 2010, pp 10—11.
    "When working on getting new business, we obviously put a more serious face forward, showing our capabilities and the kinds of things we do, but inevitably the topic of Buyral or Catvertising comes up."