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Alternative formsEdit

  • Kopp (colloquial; northern and central Germany)


From Middle High German Kopf (drinking vessel), probably from Late Latin cuppa, probably a form of Latin cūpa (tub), from Proto-Indo-European *keup- (a hollow). Cognate with English cup. Compare English noggin and mug. French tête.


  • IPA(key): /kɔp͡f/, [kɔp͡f] (standard)
  • IPA(key): [kɔp͡ɸ] (many speakers in northern and central Germany)
  • (file)


Kopf m (genitive Kopfes or Kopfs, plural Köpfe)

  1. (anatomy) head
    Er fiel die Treppe herunter, als sie ihm ein Buch an den Kopf warf.
    He fell down the stairs when she threw a book at his head.
  2. crown, top
  3. heading, title
  4. person; individual; fellow (referring to one's intellect)
    Er ist ein heller Kopf.
    He's a bright fellow. (Lit.: He is a bright head.)
  5. (linguistics) head
  6. heads (side of a coin)



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