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Alternative formsEdit


Maccas (uncountable)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand, slang) The McDonalds chain of fast food restaurants.
    • 1998, James Roy, Full Moon Racing, page 25,
      “Then of course there′s Maccas food, which is uniformly mediocre no matter where you go.”
    • 2010, Anh Do, The Happiest Refugee, page 103,
      Because it was the first-ever Maccas to open in Australia, to commemorate its last day there was going to be a never-seen-before special. It read: ‘bring this flyer in and get a Big Mac for fifty cents’.
      Fifty cents! Whoo-hoooo!
    • 2011, Angus Benson, Down South, in University of Technology, Sydney, The Life You Chose and That Chose You: The 25th UTS Writers' Anthology, unnumbered page,
      We slowed down just the once to pick up drive-thru from Maccas. I paid for my own food, but Mul and Seano reckoned they had no money.
  2. (surfing, slang) The surf break Macaronis; plural of macaroni in Indonesia.
    • 2005, Attol Travel [1]
      Just two minute's boat ride from the resort, Macaronis (or 'Maccas'), is a perfectly shaped left-hand barrel that works on all tides,