Open8@Finger-TipUp-Open8@CenterChesthigh-TipUp Twist-Twist

American Sign LanguageEdit


Presumably derived from Open8@Finger-TipUp-Open8@CenterChesthigh-TipUp Contact (contact) or from Open8@Finger-TipUp-Open8@CenterChesthigh-TipUp (to touch each other).


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  • This two-handed ASL sign is produced as follows:
    1. Posture the nondominant hand in the “open 8” handshape in front of the center of the chest, tip (opposite end from the wrist) of the nondominant hand facing up. Posture the dominant hand in the “open 8” handshape with tip of the middle finger touching the tip of the other middle finger, tip (opposite end from the wrist) of the dominant hand facing up..
    2. Twist both hands repeatedly in opposite directions, pivoting on the tips of the middle fingers.

Proper nounEdit

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  1. Internet


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  1. Internet access
    1@Sternum-FingerBack BentB@Chest-PalmBack-BentB@Chest-PalmBack Open8@Finger-TipUp-Open8@CenterChesthigh-TipUp Twist-Twist 1@Side-FingerUp Sidetoside FlatB@JawPalmAcross FlatB@JawPalmAcross
    (ASL gloss) ME HAVE INTERNET WHERE? HOME ("I have Internet access at home.")
  2. network

Related termsEdit

  • Open8@Finger-TipUp-Open8@CenterChesthigh-TipUp CircleHoriz-CircleHoriz (network)
  • Open8@Finger-TipUp-Open8@CenterChesthigh-TipUp (to touch each other)
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