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Orwell +‎ -ian


Orwellian (comparative more Orwellian, superlative most Orwellian)

  1. Resembling the totalitarian political methods decried in the works of British democratic socialist and writer George Orwell, particularly in the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four; characterized by use of misleading terminology, propaganda, censorship, totalitarianism, surveillance and repression.
    • 1954, Sisley Huddleston, Popular Diplomacy and War:
      "The Orwellian slogan that "War is Peace" was, consciously or unconsciously, from the beginning adopted by both conflicting groups within the U.N."
    • 2014 Faiola, Anthony (2014-09-25), "An Orwellian nightmare for pro-Ukrainians in rebel-held east", The Washington Post. Nash Holdings, LLC. URL accessed on 2014-09-25.
      "In this metropolis that had a prewar population of almost a million, but where the city center now feels like an Orwellian ghost town of propaganda posters and armed patrols, perhaps no one feels more alone than those who still harbor pro-Ukrainian sentiments."

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