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German Low German and Central German in form. Compare Luxembourgish Schëpp. Also cognate to Dutch schop (spade).

Alternative formsEdit

  • Schippe (roughly equally common; varying by region)



Schüppe f (genitive Schüppe, plural Schüppen)

  1. shovel
    Sie hat den Graben ganz allein mit der Schüppe ausgehoben.
    She's dug the ditch all on her own with a shovel.
  2. (figuratively) used as a typical property of manual labourers
    Es kann nicht jeder Professor sein. Irgendwer muss auch mit der Schüppe arbeiten.
    Not everybody can be a professor. Someone must work with a shovel, too.

Usage notesEdit

Schüppe and Schippe are preferred to the synonym Schaufel in many parts of northern and central Germany. The latter is, however, more common in formal contexts.


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