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This is tiny, but just doing some italian homework I noticed,

Ne ho sentito parlare. — “I have heard of it.”

is the parlare really necessary?

isn't simply:

"Ne ho sentito" more correct?

-of it- -I have- -heard-

as I said, tiny, and perhaps I have misunderstood, I'm not going to risk putting my foot in it for something so small, but if anyone agrees that it may be misleading, then It might be worth changing it. —This comment was unsigned.

"Ne ho sentito parlare" - is better translated as "I have heard tell of it" or "I have heard people talk of it". I have adjusted the example. SemperBlotto 11:37, 25 March 2008 (UTC)

Beware of literal translations. "Ne ho sentito" translates "I have heard of it" word for word, but is not what is used in Italian. "Ne ho sentito parlare" is the idiomatic translation of "I have heard tell of it" or "I have heard of it", that is, it is the phrase that is used in Italian. "Ne ho sentito" means "I have felt/heard/smelt/tasted/listened to some of it/them", so might be a reply to "Have you heard Verdi's music?", or "Have you smelt all of the flowers?" (although more idiomatic translations might be "Ne ho sentito un po'" ("I have heard a little of it") or "Ne ho sentito alcuni" ("I have smelt a few of them")). — Paul G 06:18, 5 July 2008 (UTC)

ne: FrenchEdit

The pronunciation of ne is given as /nø/. This is completely incorrect. (To make sure I was not incorrect, I checked the French Wiktionary; it agreed with me.) The pronunciation of ne is /nə/. However, I can see where the confusion would arise; to an English speaker, to home /ə/ is an allophone and /ø/ is totally foreign. I have heard american speakers who will mix the sounds, and whose /ǝ/ comes out as ʌ/ø, as to them /ǝ/ only exists as a reduced vowel and can be difficult for non-native speakers of French to distinguish some of these sounds. I am, per the policy be bold, changing the pronunciation to the correct /nǝ/.


The inflection paragraph says: "Comitative niin is more or less a theoretical construction" but in the inflection table 'niin' appears as the instructive. Which is correct?

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