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This template is used to form the level-two header of citations on citations pages. Please do not use it in entries (in the main namespace).


It recognizes up to seven parameters, all optional: up to five unnamed (positional) parameters for entries, "lang" for the language, and "ct" for the context.

  • 1= The entry to be linked. If empty or omitted, the entry is equal to the page name without the "Citations:" prefix.
  • 2= A second entry to be linked.
  • 3= A third entry to be linked.
  • 4= A fourth entry to be linked.
  • 5= A fifth entry to be linked.
  • lang= The language of the citation, represented by a language code. if empty or omitted, en (English) is assumed.
  • ct= The context of a word, in case it is outside the main namespace. For example, "Harry Potter".




English citations of banquette

{{citation|Molotov cocktail|Molotov cocktails}}

English citations of Molotov cocktail and Molotov cocktails

{{citation|angst bunny|angst-bunny|angstbunny|angst.bunny}}

English citations of angst bunny, angst-bunny, angstbunny, and angst.bunny


Spanish citations of malapodán

(Note that the change in background color seen in these examples is not part of the output of the template.)

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