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Template:inflection of

of term

This template is used to create definition lines for inflected (non-lemma) forms of other terms. It use Module:form of as a back-end.


The lemma form of the term that this is a form of. This is used to create a link.
The alternative display form of the lemma. This works like the third parameter of {{l}} and {{m}}.
3=, 4= ... etc.
One or more grammar tags to show. These give the definition by describing the relevant grammatical properties of this inflected form. A grammar tag can be any text; the tags are shown separated by spaces.
Certain tags are recognised as shortcuts and are automatically expanded. For example, 1 is automatically expanded to "first-person", while p becomes "plural". For a full list of recognised shortcuts, see Module:form of/data.

Grammar tags

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The following grammar tags are available for shortcut use in entering descriptions:

m = masculine
f = feminine
n = neuter
c = common
s = singular
d = dual
p = plural
nom = nominative
gen = genitive
dat = dative
acc = accusative
abl = ablative
voc = vocative
loc = locative
ins = instrumental

Other items (such as "inessive" or "definite") may be used as needed, but should be spelled out in full (see examples).


For amare:

{{inflection of|amō||pres|actv|inf|lang=la}}
present active infinitive of amō

For aman:

{{inflection of|amar||3|p|pres|actv|indc|lang=es}}
third-person plural present active indicative of amar

For aimeras:

{{inflection of|aimer||2|s|futr|indc|lang=fr}}
second-person singular future indicative of aimer

For 飛び移らず:

{{inflection of|飛び移る||negative|continuative|lang=ja}}
negative continuative of 飛び移る

For anulare:

{{inflection of|ānulāris||nom|n|s|lang=la}}
nominative neuter singular of ānulāris

For analizele:

{{inflection of|analiză||definite|p|nom|lang=ro}}
definite plural nominative of analiză