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This template is a generic declension table for Czech nouns. It can be used for any noun and should be placed under a Declension heading. Using the template will add the page it is used on to the Czech nouns category.

There is an automatic declension template that does not require you to enter each inflected form: {{cs-decl-noun-auto}}; an example markup: {{cs-decl-noun-auto|ma|m|u|ž}}

The numbers represent the way native Czechs and many learners of Czech learn the cases.  For example, Czechs and many Czech grammar books refer to the nominative case as the first case.


  1. Nominative singular
  2. Genitive singular
  3. Dative singular
  4. Accusative singular
  5. Vocative singular
  6. Prepositional/Locative singular
  7. Instrumental singular
  8. Nominative plural
  9. Genitive plural
  10. Dative plural
  11. Accusative plural
  12. Vocative plural
  13. Prepositional/Locative plural
  14. Instrumental plural

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