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לָמַד (lamád) (pa'ál construction)

The first unnamed parameter is required and takes the following values:

  • pa for pa'ál construction
  • nif for nif'ál
  • pi for pi'él
  • pu for pu'ál
  • hif for hif'íl
  • huf for huf'ál
  • hit for hitpa'él
  • hitpu'al for hitpu'ál (rare enough that the template makes you spell it out)

The wv parameter is for the with-vowels version of the headword; dwv should be used instead if the with-vowels version omits matres lectionis that are in the headword.

The tr parameter is for the transliteration.

The sort parameter is for sorting in the categories, so that not all (e.g.) nif'ál verbs are listed under נ. Use it if the page title is different from the string comprising the letters of the root of the verb. Its value should be that string:


The parameters פ‎, ע, and ל are to be specified when a letter of the verb's root is weak; for example, if the first letter of the root of a verb is נ, specify פ=נ‎.

The pausal, pausalwv, and pausaltr parameters are for, respectively, the Biblical Hebrew pausal form (without vowels), the same form with vowels, and the transliteration of the same. If the form matches the pagetitle except for vowelization, pausal need not be specified. The default, if these are not specified, is that no pausal form appears in the entry.