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(This template should be used on pages in the Category: namespace.)

The following documentation is located at Template:lexiconcatboiler/documentation. [edit]

Ambox warning pn.svg This template is going to be deleted.
Template:lexiconcatboiler is deprecated or has failed Wiktionary:Requests for deletion/Others.

It has been replaced by Template:poscatboiler.

Please do not use this template, and remove it from pages that use it.

This template generates descriptions and categorization for lexicons by employing Module:category tree.


This template should be added to all supported categories.


All these parameters are optional, but should strictly reflect the title of each category.

Positional (unnamed) parameters:

  • 1= The language code. See Wiktionary:Languages.
  • 2= The type of category. See the subtemplates below.

Named parameter:

Subtemplates of lexiconcatboilerEdit