The following documentation is located at Template:nosubst/documentation. [edit]


This template allows for the creation of the text {{subst:template}} within the contents of a page. Making a page appear to show the subst: parser function is easy. Making a template transfer code including subst: can also be accomplished by wrapping critical parts with <includeonly>...</includeonly> so as to hinder evaluation. The purpose of this template is to actually produce the text {{subst:template}} within the page itself, so that if the page were edited that text would be seen literally. This is only needed for MediaWiki functions that quote the text of a page literally. Such pages should be marked as having been edited with this template. There is a problem in using this code in that a subsequent edit will substitute the template. Therefore it is not recommended for templates which can use the <includeonly> workaround.

To use this template, enter the following code in the edit box:


This will produce the code {{subst:template}}. Be sure to then indicate on the talk page that this template was used to edit the page, so that future editors will be able to reproduce the results.


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