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Transwiki:Glossary of textile terminology

A glossary of Textile Terminology frequently used a.k.a. ' Textiles for Dummies '

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Terms Description Category
5P 5 Pocket
Product Groups
ABC the traditional slogan that emphasizes the need to be continually moving the customer towards agreement and action within discussions
BC body color
BF body fabric
Bias Tape narrow strip of fabric, cut on the bias a.k.a. cross-grain. The strip's fibers makes it stretchier. It is used in making piping, binding seams, finishing raw edges, etc.
Bnd Back Neck Drop Acronyms
Brt Bartack
bttn button
Bull Denim a 3x1 twill weave piece dyed fabric, made from coarse yarns. Weights can vary from 9 ozs/sq yard up to the standard 14 ozs/sq yard. Bull Denim is essentially a denim without indigo
cap/slvWB cap sleeve
CB Center Back
CC Comments Client Acronyms
CF Center Front
Chino cotton a twill (left hand) weave. Combined two-ply warp and filling. Has a sheen that remains. Fabric was purchased in China (thus the name) by the U.S. Army for uniforms. Originally used for army cloth in England many years before and dyed olive-drab. Fabric is mercerized and sanforized. Washs and wears extremely well with a minimum of care.
Circular knitting also 'knitting in the round'; a form of knitting that creates a seamless tube.
Classic CO (Dutch: ontwerp van een doorlopend dessin Styling
Co Cotton
COJ carry over jeans Acronyms
DD Delivery Date Acronyms
DTM Dye To Match Acronyms
Ea Elasthane
Embro Embroidery
Fancy Stitch Stitch without function, just for detailing Styling
Felled Seam stitching seam by turning under or by folding together the seams of fabric. Purpose is to avoid rough edges Workmanship
Fnd Front Neck Drop Acronyms
French Terry a variety of terry (or toweling) fabric, which is identified by its uncut looped pile. French terry cloth only has the highly absorbent looped pile on one side of the fabric; the other side is flat and smooth. It can be woven from different kinds of threads and can be stretch or non-stretch. Fabrics
Fully Fashioned knitted to fit the shape of the body Styling
Garment Dyed / GD the dyeing of the final product
Gzt Gunzetal [note: yarn supplier]
Hand loom a swatch sample of a woven fabric specially made according to customer’s specification Fabrics
HBT Herringbone Tape Acronyms
HDT Heavy Duty Tape Acronyms
Htg Hangtag
HSP Highest shoulder point
JKT Jackets
Product Groups
L Ligne [note: size of button]
l/s long sleeve Acronyms
Loop tag a bartack which is 'loose' in the middle
m/b must be [note: this is not a polite way of communicating] Acronyms
MC matching color
Moustache abrasion of lines to imitate pre-worn garment (a.k.a Whiskers)
Open end spinning a technology for creating yarn without using a spindle. This system is much less labour intensive and faster than ring spinning]
QC Quality Control Tests
O5 Other-5
Product Groups
PA Polyamide [note: a.k.a. nylon]
PES polyester Fabrics
Pce Piece
PfA Process for Approval
P.I. Proforma Invoice Acronyms
Pilling Unraveled fibers of which the loose ends ball up on the fabric surface Tests
Piping a tube of ornamental fabric around the edge of a garment or textile work
Pressed Open Seam a seam that has two seam allowances that are each pressed flat at its own side of the seam
Proto sample before SMS to see the effect and reaction to fabrics artworks and treatments Samples
Pttnr Pattern
Pxs Prices
R.E. Raw Essentials
RFD ready for dyeing
s/b should be Acronyms
scar cut in panel stitched back together again
Single Jersey Single knit fabrics and jersey knits are light to medium weight fabrics with flat vertical ribs on the right side and dominant horizontal lines on the wrong side. Fabric stretches from 20 to 25% across the grain. Fabrics
Slv Sleeve
s/less sleeveless
SMS salesmen sample
SMS-zero 1st approved perfect salesmen sample used as base for production of SMS-collection
SMS11 and SMS12 two sealed identical twin salesmen sample, used as production reference
S.O.P. Standard Operations Procedures
s/off see: strike off
s/s short sleeve
SS Side Seam
Strike off a.k.a. "s/off" a ‘strike off’ is a full sized cropped section taken from the overall image/artwork. It’s produced on the same material with the same finishing as the final product. It provides you with an exact sample of the final product Samples
SW Sweat (a.k.a. 'Sw')
Product Groups
TC textile color Acronyms
Tnp Top Neck Point Acronyms
TP textile paper
Y/D yarn dyed, the dyeing of the yarn before weaving or knitting
Whiskers abrasion of lines to imitate pre-worn garment (a.k.a Moustache)