User:Hippietrail/Silly phrases which should not be in a serious dictionary

Most of the entries here I feel are paraphrases, circumlocutions, periphrastic, or transparent phrases which are understood by looking up there component words, and do not appear in any monolingual print dictionary I know of. Many I have submitted for RFD in the past. There’s even some I created in my naivete or to illustrate the sillyness.

b, BEdit

e, EEdit

f, FEdit

i, IEdit

  • item of furniture

l, LEdit

m, MEdit

  • Mycenaean civilization

o, OEdit

p, PEdit

s, SEdit

  • Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

t, TEdit

u, UEdit

  • Unix hacker

Single-word entries I don’t think should be includedEdit

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