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Hello! I'm Stephen from Manchester. I'm a curious creature, my interests include languages, linguistics, science, philosophy, politics history, literature and to a lesser extent maths and vexillology. I'm also a massive fan of Manchester United.

I'm currently studying French and Russian at the University of Bristol, before which I studied French, physics, maths and chemistry at college whilst studying Russian at home. Last academic year I lived in Toulouse, France after which I moved to Tyumen' in south-western Siberia. I'm now in my fourth and final year of my bachelor's degree and I hope to go on to do a master's in linguistics.

As well as French and Russian, I have taken Czech and Old Norse and Old and Middle French lessons at university and also enjoy learning (about) other languages. I have looked into many other languages to various degrees.

The languages I am focusing on in my spare time at the moment are Swedish and Esperanto (as well as, to a lesser extent, Italian and Portuguese).