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abandon abandoned abash
abode absurd abundant
acid acquaintance act sexually
active activity addict
adeus adjective administration
advice advise affectionate
afraid afterlife aggregate
agonize agonized agonizing
agony agreeable aircraft
alcohol alcoholic
alcoholic beverage alkaloid alloy
alpendre amino acid amniote
amphibian ample amulet
anal sex analgesic anger
angry anilingus animal
animated annoy annoyance
annoyed annoying anthropic
anthropology antibiotic anticonvulsant
antidepressant antihistamine antipsychotic
anus anxiolytic apathy
ape apex apparent
applause arachnid archosaur
argument argument form arm
arredores arrogance arrogant
artery arthropod artifact
assault associate astonished
astrological sign astronomy atmosphere
atom atomic nucleus attack
attendant attic attract
attractive audible auspicious
automobile autonomic nervous system autêntico
avenge awake awesome


baby bachelor party bachelorette party
backbone bacterium bad
badness bare-bones baryon
bastard bathroom bear
beautiful beautiful man beautiful woman
beauty beer beer/translations
beginner behavioral belief
believer belly benevolência
benzodiazepine berry beverage
bicycle big big cheese
biology bird bird of prey
bisexual bisexual person
black black color blame
blissful blood cell blood vessel
board game board game piece bodily
body body of water book
bore boring boson
boss bossy bovid
boy bracket braggart
brain brave
breasts bribe
brothel build
building buraco burger
buss buttocks


cadaverous calm calmness
canid capable carbohydrate
carboxylic acid card game card suit
carefree careless carry
castrated male animal cat
catecholamine cause caution
cautious cautiously caverna
celebration celestial body celestial sphere
cell cemetery central nervous system
cerebral cortex certain characteristic
chatter chatterbox chav
cheeky cheerless cheese
chemical bond chemical compound chemical element
chemical substance chemistry chess
chess move chess piece child
child prodigy cigarette circulatory system
circumcised ciência da computação
class classify clean
clitoris clothing cloud
cocaine coffee cold
color combative common
commotion communicate complain
complainer completely composite particle
compostura computer computer language
concise condom condomless
confuse confusing confusion
conic section conifer connective
constellation container contempt
continuous contrary
conversa cook cookware
copulate cornucopia corpse
correspondent corticosteroid cortês
cosmic countenance counterpart
courage courtship
covert coward cowardice
cowardly cranial nerve creative work
creature criminal crockery
crude crustacean cue sport
cushion cut


dairy product dammit damned
dance danger dangerous
dash data storage medium dawn
day dead death
deceive deceiver deception
deceptive decorate decoy
deem defamatory defame
defecate defecation defect
defend defense
definite definition delicious
dependent deputy deride
describe deserve design
despise destroy destruction
detective device diagram
diarrhea diatribe die
diencephalon difficult difficult situation
digestive system dilemma dim sum
dinosaur dirty disaccharide
disaster disastrous disastrously
disease diseased disheartening
disobey disorder dispute
distinct divination do evil
docile doer dog
doomed dork drama
drink drinkable drinkware
drunk drunkard drunkard/translations
drywall dumpling dupe
duradouro dusk


ear earth science easy
easy thing eat economics
edible efficient ejaculate
ejaculation elderly electronic game
elementary particle elephant elogio
emergent emotion employer
end endanger endocrine gland
endocrine system endoscope endoscopy
enrage enthusiasm enthusiastic
entire entity ephemeral
equid era erect penis
erectile dysfunction erection erogenous zone
error estral everybody
evil examine excellent
excellently excess excessive
exciting exemplar exocrine gland
expensive experienced
explode extraterrestrial eye


fabric facial expression
faculty fake fall asleep
false falsehood famous
fan fan of fiction fanfic
fantastic farmland
fat person father
fatigue fatigued fatty acid
faísca fear feces
feline female female animal
female homosexual fermion
fictional character fictional universe fight
figure of speech filling station finger
firearm fish flatfish
flattery flatulate
flatulent flatus flawless
fleet flexible flirt
floor floresta focused
food fool foolish
foot foreskin forest
forgiveness former
fowl fractal fragile
friend friendly frighten
frightening frio frontal lobe
frugal fruit fudge packer
full name fungus funny
furioso furniture futebolista
futile fétido


gait galaxy game
game of chance gamete
gaudy gauge boson
gemstone generous genitalia
genius genuine germ cell
germano ghost ghostly
giant gigantic girl
git give head given name
gland glans glucan
gluteal cleft glycoprotein go away
go to bed goal god
gonad good goodbye
government grain grammatical case
grammatical gender grammatical mood grammatical number
grammatical person grande grandfather
grandmother graph grass
great ape greed greedy
gritaria grosseiro group
guitar gullible


habitação hackneyed hadron
hand handwrite happy
hardware harm harmful
harmonia hate have opinion
head headgear healthy
hediondo hello hero
heroin heterosexual heterosexual person
hidden hinder hindrance
hirsute hodgepodge hole
hominid homosexual homosexual person
honest honra hormone
horse hot how are you
humankind humble hummingbird
hungry husband hybrid
hydrometeor hyperlink


identify idiot idiota
idler iffy ignoramus
ignorant illegitimate ilusório
imbécile imitate immediately
impolite important
importante impoverished imprison
impromptu improve
impudence in action increase
independente indescribable index finger
indication indulge industrious
induzir inexperienced inflammation
informant ingestible injury
inlet innate
innovative insane insanity
insect insignificant instruction
instrument insulto inteligente
intellectual intelligence intelligent
intelligently intermediate interment
internal medicine interrogative interrogative pronoun
intestino intrinsic inutility
invertebrate irritable island


jail jargon jerk
jest jewelry joke
journey judgement
junk juoppo


kill killer killing
kindle kindly kiss


labia lack lake
lamentable landform landscape
language large larva
laugh laughingstock laughter
lavoura law lay off
lazy learned learner
leg legume lepton
libertine lie limb
limpar linguist linguistics
liquid lisboeta list
listen literature little finger
lobe loja lolita
lot lover low-quality
lucky lunatic asylum luxo


machine macromolecule mad person
magician mainstreamer make a mistake
make clean make hole make sound
male animal male genitalia male homosexual
malodorous mammal man
marijuana marijuana cigarette markup language
marsupial mastoid masturbate
masturbation masturbator material
mathematics maverick meal
measuring device meat medicine
menino mention mercenary
metal meteorite meteorology
meticulous microbiology microorganism
middle finger
miser mistress mitigar
mock model moderate
modicum moldable molecule
mollusc moment money
moneybags monkey monosaccharide
monstrous month monótono
moon moon of Haumea
moon of Jupiter moon of Mars moon of Neptune
moon of Pluto moon of Saturn moon of Uranus
morpheme mother motion picture
mountain mouth mouthful
move quickly move slowly mundane
musical composition musical instrument musician


naive name natal
natural science navel negotiable instrument
nerve nervous nervous system
neuron neurotransmitter new
nipples no nobleman
nonentity nonsense nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
noodle nose nothing
noun nucleic acid nucleobase
nude nuisance number
nurture nut


obedient obese obey
object pronoun objetivo obsolete
obstinacy obstinate obvious
occupation offend
offense office official
old old man old woman
olfactible omen option
oracle oral sex ordinário
organ organ system organelle
organic compound organism organization
orgasm orictéropo outcast


pacify pain painting
pandemic parrot part
partially ordered set party
party game passerine pasta
pasto paunch pawn
pedant pen penis
penis/translations peptide perceptible
perineum period peripheral nervous system
perseverance persevere person
person of color person with sexual attraction perverse
petroleum pharmaceutical philosophy
phone phrase physician
physics physique picture
piece pinniped
planet plant playing card
pleasant pleasure plentiful
police officer polite polygon
polyhedron polysaccharide ponder
porch porco
portable possessive pronoun poverty
power power tool praise
prank precognition precognitive
predict prediction predictor
pregnant preteen pretext
pride primate prison
prisoner probability distribution prodigal
prodigality productive programming language
prohibit promiscuous
promiscuous man promiscuous woman prompt
pronoun property prosper
prostitute protein protozoan
provérbio psychology pub
pubescent pubic hair punctual
punctuation mark pure pústula


quadrilateral quark quarrelsome
queue quickly


rage randy rapt
ratite raw read
reciprocal pronoun reckless recluse
recreational drug recumbent reference work
reflexive pronoun refuge regretful
regurgitate reincarnation relative
religion remorse remorseful
remote place repair reply
reprehend reptile repugnância
requisite respiratory system respond
retail store revenge
ridicule ring finger riot
road robot rodent
room rotgut rotten
rub ruler ruminant


sad safe sail
sanction sandwich saying
school science
scientific scrawny screw this
screwup scrotum seabird
seasonal seasoning secretary
security see semen
sensation sense sensory receptor
sensualist sentient serious
serous membrane set settlement
sex drive sexual activity sexual intercourse
sexual partner sexually stimulate sexy
shake shape sheep
sheer shining shoe
shorebird shorten shout
shrew shut-eye shy
shy person shyness silent
simple machine simultaneous sing
size skeleton skill
skilled skilled person
skull slander slave
sleep sleep inducer sleepy
slope slow small
smell smile snake
sober sociable
social science soft drink software
soil oneself soldier sole
solfège son songbird
soporific sough sound
sound/fi sovereign polity speak
speaker speed up speedy
spendthrift spirit
sports fan spouse sprinkles
squabble star
statement stationery
statistic steal sterile
sterilize steroid stick
stingy storm strange
street string stubborn person
study stupid stupid/translations
subatomic particle subculturalist subject pronoun
substitute subtle
superhuman superpowered support
suppose supposition surname
surprise surprising
sway swear swearing
swearword swim briefs switch
sword sycophant symptom


tableware taciturn talk
talkative talkativeness tea
teenager telencephalon telephone
temperate temperature term
terror testicles
that's life theft therapy
thief thin person
thingy think threat
thrill throw tiger
tighten timepiece tiny
tire title
tocolytic toddler toilet
toiletry tool tooth
topographic torture total
toy transvestite trash
tree triangle trifle
trinket trisaccharide triste
troublemaker trousers truancy
truth tube
tumor turnon


ugliness ugly ugly man
ugly person ugly woman unafraid
uncircumcised unclean underwear
undress unhappy unir
universe unskilled unskilled person
upovídaný urinary system urinate
urination urine utility


vagabond vagina vagina/translations
valley variable vegetable
vehicle vengeful veracity
verb verbose vermelho
vertebra vertebrate vessel
villain villainy virginal
virus visceral viscous
vitamin vomit voracious


wake wakefulness walk
wanton warm warship
waste bin water watercourse
watercraft way weak
weak spot wealth wealthy
weapon weaponry wearisome
webpage website weep
wet whale
whatshisname white blood cell wife
wily wind wine
witty woman wonderful
word wording work
worker worship wow
write writer



yay yes youngling