X@SideChinhigh-X@SideChinhigh CirclesHoriz-CirclesHoriz

American Sign LanguageEdit

Alternative formsEdit

  • (at various heights) X@SideChinhigh-X@SideNosehigh CirclesHoriz-CirclesHoriz, X@SideChinhigh-X@SideNeckhigh CirclesHoriz-CirclesHoriz


left-hand X palm-right left-hand X palm-left left-hand left from right-hand away from body right side of chin left-hand arcs right circles in repeatedly right-hand arcs left circles left repeatedly
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  • This two-handed ASL sign is produced as follows:
    1. Posture both hands in the “X” handshape beside the space in front of the chin.
      • Move both hands in horizontal circles.


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  1. to celebrate
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