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simpl. and trad.

Alternative formsEdit


  • IPA(key): [ a˧˧tɔk˥˥a˥˧ ]


  • The above story gave birth to the term 斲鼻 (tok-phīⁿ), which describes a person with a hooked nose. Westerners were originally noted for their unusual noses, and therefore were called 斲鼻仔 (tok-phīⁿ-á or hook nose). This term was later replaced by the more informal sounding a-tok-á.


a-tok-á (POJ, traditional and simplified 阿斲仔)

  1. (slang) a westerner; a Caucasian person of European or American descent; a round eyes

Usage notesEdit

  • Usually used in reference to Americans. Like most such ethnic terms, the word is either insulting or neutral depending on who says it, and in what context.
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