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Alternative formsEdit


From ambi- (around) +‎ (go).



present active ambeō, present infinitive ambīre, perfect active ambiī, supine ambitum (irregular)

  1. I round, go round, pass around, skirt
  2. I surround, encircle
    • 1611 CE, Johannes Kepler, Strena seu de nive sexangula 22
      In plano pugna, necessario igitur figura plana, at non necessario figura talis, quae ad nullum corpus secum ipsa coeat, sed ideo solum talis quia ut corporibus physicis figurae respondent, quae solidum ambeunt, sic planitiebus figurae quae solidum non ambeunt.
      The battle is on the plane, so necessarily a flat shape, but not necessarily such a shape which combines with its own kind to come up against no body, but for that reason alone such shapes correspond to physical bodies which encircle a solid, just as shapes which do not encircle a solid have flatness.
  3. I solicit for votes, campaign, canvass
  4. I strive to get something from somebody, seek, strive for