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  1. conditional form of aut



  1. accusative singular masculine form of auts
  2. instrumental singular masculine form of auts
  3. genitive plural masculine form of auts
  4. accusative singular feminine form of auts
  5. instrumental singular feminine form of auts
  6. genitive plural feminine form of auts



Collared Peccaries, 2009. Photo: Brian Gratwicke.
Collared Peccaries at La Selva Biological Station, Sarapiqui, Costa Rica, 2011. Geoff Gallice.
Pecari tajacu; juvenile, 2011. Photo: Geoff Gallice.
Peccaries enjoying a leisurely night on the town in Scottsdale, Arizona; 2014. Video: CruchySkies.


  1. collared peccary, Pecari tajacu or (in Portuguese) cateto
    Like their relatives, white-lipped peccaries (apiya), collared peccaries are piglike mammals that eat all kinds of vegetation, and regularly raid Wauja crops. They travel in groups 15-50 animals that can do a lot of damage to a swidden garden plot in short order. As late as 1983, the Wauja did not hunt them or eat them, considering them unclean, but in recent years, perhaps as a result of exposure to Brazilians and other indigenous groups that eat pork, this rule has relaxed. If a herd of peccaries is marauding the gardens or the village itself, nowadays the Wauja will kill them and eat them. The Wauja put a great deal of labor into constructing fences around their garden plots, hoping to reduce the losses caused by peccaries. Collared peccaries can be quite bold, however, as seen in the video at right.


  • E. Ireland field notes, confirmed with Piitsa, Muri, and other elders (experienced hunters all) in 1982 using José Cândido de Melo Carvalho's Atlas da Fauna Brasileira, Edições Melhoramentos, São Paulo, 1981.

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