Blend of awkward and weird.



  1. (rare slang) Awkward and weird.
    • a. 1994, Kamau Brathwaite, “Nanny, Palmares and the Caribbean Maroon Connexion”, quoted in Jeanne Christensen, “A Language of Myth”, chapter 5 of Annie Paul (editor), Caribbean Culture: Soundings on Kamau Brathwaite, University of the West Indies Press (2007), ISBN 9789766401504, page 119:
      Nanny was buttockicized (& that the word is awkWEIRD and ungainly is no accident) because she was black & therefore how could she possibly be a leader []
    • 2001 August 19, “TheCycoONE” (username), “Re: Help the AIF community!”, in, Usenet:
      Maybe I'm playing the wrong games, or maybe it's because I've become so use[sic] to TADS that anything else seems 'awkweird'.
    • 2005, September 26, “Mad Dog” (username), “Re: My big day”, in rec.climbing, Usenet:
      Sure, Seneca 10s will probably feel stiffer than Jacks Canyon 10s but those are apples and orangutans. Old 8s and 9s can be plain old awkweird and hard, respectively.
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