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  1. (rare) Polish borscht
    • 1921, Selected Polish Tales, page 7:
      Slimakowa looked him up and down, gave him a bowl of barszcz and another of potatoes, and told him to wash in the river.
    • 1990, Anton Gill, Berlin to Bucharest: Travels in Eastern Europe, page 62:
      She poured herself another glass of Bulgarian white, and spooned up the remainder of her barszcz before polishing off the small meat pasty that is always served with beetroot soup.
    • 1999, Cold War, Common Pursuit: British Council Lecturers in Poland, page 73:
      [] cutlery and glasses would appear and then dish after dish of fish en gelée, bowls of barszcz with twisted puff pastry sticks, bigos, pierogi, sliced ham, fresh and picked vegetables, bottled fruits, cakes, tarts and bottles and bottles of flavoured vodkas.

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Usually italicised as a loanword.


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  1. borscht (type of vegetable soup, Polish specialty)
  2. hogweed (plant of genus Heracleum)


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