be- +‎ dinner


bedinner (third-person singular simple present bedinners, present participle bedinnering, simple past and past participle bedinnered)

  1. (transitive, nonce word) To take to dinner.
    • 1843, Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present, book 4, chapter VI, The Landed
      Can he do nothing for his Burns but make a Gauger of him; lionise him, bedinner him, for a foolish while: then whistle him down the wind, to desperation and bitter death?
    • 1863, Duncan George Forbes Macdonald, British Columbia and Vancouver's Island
      Do not trouble yourself with introductory letters to any of the colonists; they will never procure you a dinner, unless you are reported to be a man of capital or credit, in which case you will be bedinnered and bedrained until your money is gone and your credit ruined.
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